"I was here, I was here all the time"

- Marina Abramović


Ever wonder what happens when all walls and barriers of self construction fall? Meet someone with a thurst to discover and see all the beauty of a brutally authentic and reckless opening of yourself, fearless of vulnerable intimacy in whatever shape.


Join an extraordinary experience and walk into undiscovered territory of emotional liberation in an art project, that will reveal the deepest sense of being human - pleasure and true freedom.


My new project is a photographic experience, that goes far beyond the limits of regular portrait photography. The art project will leave all categories behind, be it culture, skin tone, religion, identity or sexual kinks. It will investigate onto the four fundamental psychological layers: perception, emotion, behavior and knowledge.


As the first step I install a Berlin pop-up photo studio from 11.04-28.04.2019. It serves as kick-off for an international series and will move on to other places like Ibiza, San Francisco or Bangkok, resulting in an exhibition of a yet unseen collection of courageous and free human spirits from all over the world.


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