Ever wonder what happens when all walls and barriers of self construction fall? Meet someone with a thurst to discover and see all the beauty of a brutally authentic and reckless opening of yourself, fearless of vulnerable intimacy in whatever shape.


The essence of our human being is to connect with other people through our most basic sensations: fear, anger, pain or pleasure. It is the capability of those strong emotions, that unites us.

My work explores these fundamental human emotions. I am fascinated by the refined forms of communication between humans. I explore what creates harmony between two human beings and focus on the sensorial and emotional communicative exchange. For that, I deep dive into the four fundamental psychological layers: perception, emotion, behavior and knowledge.


The process I use to create a portrait is a photographic experience, that goes far beyond the limits of regular portrait photography. No made up categories matter. What matters is that brutal individual freedom. The human connection, filtered by instinct and intuition, I intend to conduct to a primal state. The path to this fundamental truth is a cycle of closeness, chemistry and harmony - and then estrangement: the result will be the restructuring of the reality perception.


Join an extraordinary experience and walk into undiscovered territory of emotional liberation that will reveal the deepest sense of being human - pleasure and true freedom.



The main focus of my workshop is self-exploration through photography. Learn in my workshop, how to establish trust, how to achieve this uncovering and revealing of true self.

Working along the lines of the Stanislavski method for acting as a starting point, I share my vision in a one to one workshop or in groups of 3-12 people. We develop instruments for opening the path to the deeper layers of a personality. We activate our emotional brains and learn how to recognize, relive or live out our very basic emotions of our own reality, through our senses bring them into the present in order to be able to see our true realistic selves. With this new sense of self and new reality perception we can continue to work and start translating the self into an individual art language.



As the first step I install a Berlin homebase photo studio. It serves as kick-off for an international series and will move on to other places like Ibiza, San Francisco or Bangkok, resulting in an exhibition of a yet unseen collection of courageous and free human spirits from all over the world.  The art project will leave all categories behind, be it culture, skin tone, religion, identity or sexual kinks. It will investigate into the four fundamental psychological layers: perception, emotion, behavior and knowledge.